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I'm ms.annegirl


I learned a young age

that honesty is the

price of compassion,

so honestly--

I'm not the 

most afflicted.

I'm not the

most deserving, but

I need help

and as much as I can get.


In short, I have scars on my brain and have to take a lot of precautions to maintain my health. I've been sick for most of my life and I know I need all the help I can get, so I've learned to help myself.


My work skill set pertains to childcare and hospitality (they call my Mary Poppins ). I write stories for children and songs for all ages, and I make lots of friends who contend with me.

But, I more often help myself by asking for help. 

 ms.annegirl & friends: Walk for MS, Buffalo, NY, 2001.

ms.annegirl & friends: Walk for MS, Buffalo, NY, 2001.


Nutrasine, a critically essential supplement I've taken since I was six years old, was discontinued in 2014 after the passing of it's inventor. In a miraculous turn of events, my family now owns the rights to produce and distribute Nutrasine for myself and others like me. You can help by donating to ms.annegirl PROJECTS.


My condition is auto-immune and chronic which means my body doesn't have enough strength on it's own, so you're invited.                   You're invited to my life:
to laugh with me and cry with me; to sing and dance and dream with me; to sit and wait and pray with me; and to listen and to learn with me. Be my champion. I will contribute what I have strength to do with hope that you will too.


***All PROJECT proceeds fund ms.annegirl's medical expenses and the manufacturing and distribution of supplement(s) for people like herself. Read more about Nutrasine and ms.annegirl on the BLOG or follow ms.annegirl on FB & IG***