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At five years old I began experiencing neurological symptoms:
I lost my vision, I couldn't walk, and had a fever for forty days. About a year in, I was skeptically diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis(MS = brain scars) which is incredibly rare for someone so young. 


Pictured above is me and my friends participating in a Walk for Multiple Sclerosis in Buffalo, NY. My first team of champions. MS has been the working diagnosis and every doctor I've ever met protests its inaccuracy. What I've learned is they don't know and I'm not interested in what traditional medical science offers. I know that with natural supplements, regulated diet and exercise, I can participate in the everyday relay. To keep the supplement(s) I need in production, I need your help

Be my champion. Let me run.

Help me finish well. 

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*Donate to the Annie's Champs PROJECT to fund ms.annegirl's medical expenses OR donate to the Nutrasine PROJECT and champion a community in need* 




shannon & sherri mccready

The original movers and shakers, dreamers and believers who've literally held my hand and carried me through the trenches and up the mountains of my journey. Follow their projects below.



My brothers: with them, every night is Saturday night and the jokes are free. They make me laugh and sing away all the aches. Follow their projects below.



My sister and the artist responsible for the *beautiful* pictures on ms.annegirl. She is the most diligent, compassionate, resilient, and humorous person I know. Follow her projects below.


daniel pennystone

My cousin, twin, best friend and the most inspired and inspirational mind I've ever met. He sees beyond. Follow his projects below.


eliza lundgren

We've been eating Spaghettios and watching Mr.Bean before we knew what friends were for. She is a true vagabond whose art is also displayed on ms.annegirl. Follow her projects below.


samantha geary jones

My teacher turned mentor, dream collaborator, and friend. Sam has become apart of my future in a big way; she believes in me almost as much as my mom. Follow her projects below.