[day 289]

My mom loves to celebrate seasons by decorating the house accordingly. She got me the glitter leaf last weekend at the Woolly Worm Festival because, as Grammie says, "Annie is sparkly." I haven't felt sparkly in a long time, but yesterday I woke up with an energy I haven't had in over a year. Everything made me laugh: torrential rain, tornado warnings, endless traffic, closed roads. For over a year, I haven't the ability to look down on my circumstances; everything that happened to me sat on my face and dragged me down, but yesterday the sun finally came out for me (and everybody in Boone around 6 pm).

Yesterday's spectacularity aside, I have been stronger in a personal way lately. Enough to decide to move away from home and live (semi) independently for the first time. After Thanksgiving I'll be moving to Asheville, NC to live with my Grammie and do lots of things by myself like grocery shop and cook ;) The most exciting and encouraging aspect of this transition is for the first time in a year and a half, I'm ready to be challenged. My body is not only healing, but gaining strength with a special boost from Nutrasine.

annie mccready