[day 310]

I wanna get specific and talk about miracles. My exacerbation last year disrupted the communication centers of my body (central nervous system-CNS). My walk was reduced to a shuffle. My equilibrium was straining to just stand in place. My journals are filled with scribbles over words I couldn't write because my hand couldn't make the right shapes. My doctor told me that my body had been so distressed by my disease it wasn't even receiving the nutrients I was ingesting through food and supplements. Nearly a year into reintroducing Nutrasine back into my system, I have built a firm foundation for my healing. Not only is my body receiving nutrients, it's responding and my chemistry is changing. This is efficacious to my mood, my energy levels, my response AND motor skills. Nutrasine has given my immune system legs to stand on, and as of three weeks ago, essential oils are giving me feet that dance.

I'd been familiar with EOs all my life from the periphery. Friends would recommend this or gift me that, but I've just recently begun to personally invest in what these natural remedies have to offer and they are in a word, miraculous. Since my diagnosis 16 years ago I've experienced severe cramping, spasms, and burning in my hands--to the point that in middleschool I seriously consider amputation (if your right hand causes you to sin--am I right? ;). Weeks ago I discovered a free EOs class held just down the street from where I live. I went and I am forever changed. They taught me methods for applying EOs and testimonies that astounded and encouraged me deeply. That night before bed I applied 3 drops of Frankincense to my burning hands (method the class taught), rubbed it in clockwise, then cupped my hands around my face and took seven deep breaths. I've done this every night since and have experienced immediate relief. Fun fact: frankincense supports healthy cell function. Just three days ago I began adding 2 drops lemon and 1 drop peppermint EOs to my drinking water. Three days ago, I was constantly dizzy standing from a lack of core support and when I stretched I couldn't point my toes. The next morning after a day of drinking detoxifying EOs I could point my toes and plank for 45 seconds with strength for more. Fun facts: Lemon and Peppermint are both excellent cleaning agents externally and internally AND 1 drop of Young Living peppermint EO is equal to 24 bags of peppermint tea. 

I can't talk science, but I can talk stories and this is mine. I am filled with delight and faith and urgency to share my experiences and knowledge. I want to help people heal. I want to heal. I want love you, and thank you for reading my blog and ask, please, join my team. Learn with me and help me learn. Help me share the joy and strength I've found in my precious life with the help of natural supplements and EOs. 

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annie mccready