[day 109]

My God is a God of miracles. He calls things that are not as though they were (Romans 4:17)

This past month and a half has left me speechless. I can tell you what happened and little else because I my understanding cannot keep up with me and the happenings. March 15th we began the journey to Boone, NC. We made it a two day trip and arrived March 17th. Friends from Asheville came and helped us move in, and that night I slept more soundly for the first time in longer than I can remember. I woke up feeling more at home in the high up and wild mountain cabin than I have in two and half years. Then we drove to Asheville, NC to celebrate my kid brother's birthday and begin a week of rehearsals gearing up for my final Story of God tour. I took extra Nutrasine to help my body keep up, but my the end of the week I had cold that sat heavy in lungs and I lost my voice. That Saturday we performed the newest version of the Story of God in Charlotte, NC. Because I lost my voice, mom sang for me from behind the curtain, but near the middle of the first act I was able to sing up until the finale (which is full of long, high notes). I was hot and dizzy, maybe feverish, but alive. The next afternoon we returned to Boone and we're able to stay for five days. Each night slept deeply and didn't wake until the sun came peeking in my window. That Friday we drove to Bay City, MI where we performed at Fraser Rd. Church of God. We had to stay in Michigan for three extra days because my parents had to fly to Portland. OR for a church planters assessment, so the church generously allowed us to park our RV in their lot and use their showers and kitchen. Different members of the church had us over for dinner each night and the Lord anchored our RV through strong winds that came in the night. Wednesday night, my parents took a red-eye flight to Detroit, drove two ours back to us in Bay City and then drove us eight hours to Westfield, NY. On the way, they told us how encouraged they were by the assessors and team they met with in Portland and how many times the words, "Forget what is behind you and press on," were spoken over them (Philippians 3:13). Friday morning we drove in the snow to Gowanda Correctional Facility. We were an hour late and our security check was extensive, but the guards were patient and good humored. We set up in record time (20 minutes) and performed for one-hundred male inmates. They were probably one our best audiences to date. At the end they sang "Amazing Grace". There is no sweeter sound in place like that. I was able to leave early and sleep as the team tore down then drove back into town for our second performance at the local Elementary school. They had a very nice theater and we learned later that the school's theater teacher was the first Grammy award recipient for Music Teacher of the Year. To us, he was just a super chill dude with a massive beard. The show for Saturday was cancelled, so we were able to rest in and spend the day in Grand Island, NY where my family had lived 2001-2005. We were able to visit our old house and the owners invited us in to look around--everything was EXACTLY the same. We also got to go to Niagara Falls. Sunday was our final performance and the Story has never been more beautiful than it was there in a Catholic Cathedral with high ceiling and stain glass windows depicting saints and angels and above us while we performed was the image of Jesus, our Savior. Each of performances in this finale tour received standing ovations. Monday we drove to NYC where the team celebrated. I had to use a wheel chair to keep up; my sister Elisa had a fever, and by older brother and sister in-law got food-poisoning, but we still managed to have a good time. Thursday we drove back to Asheville. Friday my album launch (now available HERE on my site, Itunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon, and BEYOND). Saturday we celebrated my 21st birthday, and Sunday we celebrate Jesus' Resurrection with our family. I am more thankful than I know how to express that this Story is true: after death comes new life. At times, I felt like these past weeks would kill me and for whatever reason God continues to give me breath, and more than that, hope. My Spirit feels weak and my mind is lost to me, but whatever has past is past. I find I cannot go much further carrying the weight of what was, so I let it go because my God is calling me forward. Today, there is very little I understand, but that my God has been faithful to me. Just in time. Just enough. I cannot imagine where I'd be if Nutrasine had not intervened when it did, so I can only be thankful for the story so far. 

annie mccready