[day 186]


  1. Rollerskating: There’s a rollerskating rink at the bottom of my mountain and rollerskating is one the most excellent activities on the planet. My friends and I spent most of our elementary/tweeny weekends skating up and down my perfect U-shaped driveway. I was nervous that the flashing lights would bother me, but luckily our rink is endearingly low-key. I had to wobble and breathe deep for the first few songs, but after receiving a few pointers from dad (like bend your knees) I was able to enjoy the rest of the evening. I got the dizzies through the night and some of the next day, but nothing is free.

  2. Walking in the Independence Day Parade: My family passed out frisbees in the Boone Independence Day Parade and we were a huge hit! I got a sunburn that kept me up that night, but I didn’t feel bad while I was walking in the parade which is a major improvement because me and the sun are not friends (heat stimulates my symptoms.

To fight the heat I drink LOTS of water (at least 96 oz), invest in cooling bandanas, monitor my physical exertion when in direct heat (I exercise in the cool of the morn), and enjoy frozen blueberries or “icecream” (So Delicious Coconut Milk-Mint Chocolate Chip). Recently I’ve been enjoying too much of the icecream, so to curb my cold, sweet cravings I’ve made these Frozen Yogurt Popsicles! Click the button below and enjoy!

I know I don't say it enough in my stories, but I owe so much of my improvement to Nutrasine. This supplement allowed my healing process to accelerate from inching like a worm to walking like a dog on it's hind legs--staying up doesn't come naturally, but I can do it and maybe it looks like dance? 

annie mccready