[day 193]

I had a doctor’s appointment today for the results of some blood work and other tests. The verdict? I’ve made positive progress, and moving forward takes all of my determination and grit.

Good news is my liver is detoxed and healthy, and so now my body can finally begin healing (building and strengthening my immune system). I have a new vitamin regimen (Nutrasine included), a new diet, and reinforced lifestyle parameters. My main focus is building up on minerals (calcium, magnesium, and zinc), and in this process, my doctor says when you put new stuff in the old stuff has to come out. It’s a process of retracing to heal, which for me means I may experience old symptoms (digestive, muscular, epidermic, emotional...etc). That part scares me, makes me sad, but I guess it’s true what they say--sometimes to go forward, you have to go back around again. Til you’ve come full circle. I was five years old when my health started failing, so I don’t even remember “before” but I’m thankful my doctor is so knowledgeable and confident that I will get there ‘cause somebody’s gotta be.

"Life goes on and on and on in circles."

annie mccready