[day 173]

Last weekend I went to Charleston for my cousin’s wedding. Charleston is HOT and 300 miles away, but I love my family and weddings. To survive the weekend away I had to set priorities to reserve my strength. My priorities: (1) singing at the ceremony, (2) dancing with my cousins, (3) helping keep my brother awake on the drive home. My obstacles: (1) 90+ degree weather, (2) potential sunburn, (3) wishing I was someone else/somewhere else.

To honor my priorities and avoid my obstacles, I didn’t go to the beach with my family (I enjoyed a night swim the night before)--escaping two of my obstacles. I slept as long as I could, sang songs, took a cool shower, and read and read and read letting at least my mind be somewhere else until at last the time came for the wedding which--THANK GOD---was indoors!

These aren’t super secrets to success, but a lot of the time my obstacles keep my from where I want to be or what I want to be doing, so I’m doing the best I know how to prevent my obstacles from keeping from where I’m supposed to be: celebrating this one fantastic life I have with the people I love the mostest and singing songs about it.   

annie mccready