[day 228]

I GOT A DOG! Her name is La La because I love the name Selah meaning “rest” but every time I hear the word “selah” I automatically want to “say-la-la” (buh-dum-CH). She’s an 8 yr. old midsize-mutt with the coat of a Catahoula Leopard dog (yeah, I thought it was made up too). She was rescued from a puppy mill where she lived with 455 other dogs, so she gets on fine with other animals but is terrified of new people, so I have a lot of rehabilitation work to do. Luckily, she’s very smart and within two weeks she’s starting to trust me.

We go for two walks every day: (1) first thing in the morning and (2) before dinner. She eats meals when I do, and seems to only eat all of her food when she can see me (she also doesn’t have stellar eyesight), and sleeps for the rest of the day (when she’s not nervously pacing around the house because a new person walked in the room.) She’s got issues, BUT she started responding to her name with 4 hours of bringing her home; she sleeps through the night; she has only had 2 accidents in nearly two weeks; she’s eaten out of a human hand 3 times and has started sniffing my hand when I hold it out to her. She even licked it couple times the other day!

Every day she shows me another reason she’s the perfect dog for me. We’ve both got a lot of work to do on our health (physical for me, mental for her), so I like to think of us a rehab buddies, and she has helped me so much already. Her schedule is giving my life new healthy rhythms. Friendship has healing magical healing powers.

I wish my sister were around to take beautiful pictures of La La, but she’s in Quito, Ecuador. She was supposed to come home August 6th, but was invited to stay for a leadership program. She had to raise $2000 by August 1st to stay. At first, I wasn’t going to give her any money because I wanted her to come home, but then I found out she found a best friend in Quito and I thought, “If she can have a friend for 3 more months then take my money.” She’s also serving a church community called “ONE” which is pretty cool.

The initial $2000 dollars raised was to determine whether or not she could stay (pay for a new visa, plane ticket, food & lodging), but she still needs just about $800 to pay off the program fees.

Click the buttons below to donate to Elisa’s (my sister) mission and to read about the church she is serving.

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P.P.S. Enjoy this low quality picture of my sleepy baby     

annie mccready