[day 200]

I started my new diet yesterday: 70% (1 or 2) cooked vegetable(s), 15% protein or starch, ect percent fats. Although being hysterically hungry by 4:30 pm (early dinner was necessary), I slept better last night than I have in weeks. I cannot emphasize enough how much diet contributes to overall health--especially for people like me with extra obstacles. The terrible truth is supplements aren’t enough. Prescriptions aren’t enough. Everything you put into your body counts. Nobody lives without consequences.

I’m preaching to myself because I spent almost all of my teen years being jealous of my brothers and friends who could eat whatever they wanted, never exercise and still be more fit than I was/am. But I’m learning to love my limitations (something my brother said G.K. Chesterton said). I’m learning to love that not eating dairy makes me feel lighter and uncongested; that eating loads of vegetables and light proteins helps my mind feel sharper and muscles ache less. I even love having to cook because it demands that I slow the heck down. I love staying out of the heat because who likes being sweaty anyways? I love riding my bike in the breeze and the quiet of being underwater. I don’t love how dependent I am, but maybe it will help me make friends?

My life looks different and I spend half my time explaining myself, but I hope I can encourage others to respect their own boundaries. Then maybe we can help each other stand up because maybe I’m strong somewhere you’re not.

Below is me at the Appalachian Mountain Brewery

annie mccready