[day 235]

The babysitting game is booming. I have two new jobs for two unique families. The first has five children, the youngest of whom has a prosthetic leg. The second family has two children the youngest of whom has neuroblastoma (baby cancer). I’ve been saying to my family that I need more practice being the “new me”: the more careful, more leisurely, less animated and ambitious Annie; these families allow me to do just that and we’re all just special circumstances together.

Children in general help me remain calm and focused because of their intense fixation on right now--that place I forget I am all the time. Another tragic and fantastic addition to my dailyness is La La (my dog) just had dental surgery and she’s on pain meds and whatnot, so every morning when I take my medicine she does too. Not to say I delight in the suffering of others, but there is often companionship in suffering and I delight in togetherness.

annie mccready