[day 242]

One of the children I nanny is in the hospital this week for a biopsy surgery, so it was just me and big brother at home. Big brother checked the window every thirty minutes to see if mom or dad had come home yet. I remember when I was in highschool, my family kept my youth pastor’s child(ren) whenever his wife was giving birth again. His kids were often nervous and teary. There is weight that descends to the perception level of even children that whatever is happening will have definite ramifications. That feeling of uncertainty, if infrequent and untrained makes us afraid, but when that uncertainty is a respected norm it makes us alert. It makes us vivid and thankful. It’s living with the perspective that the ground beneath our feet isn’t solid, it’s liquid; and I can’t walk on water, but I can learn to surf.

*The thumbnail picture is me learning to surf with a sleeping baby, three bags, and two car seats*

annie mccready