[day 207]

I got a summer job and it couldn’t be more perfect--thank God! Twice a week I nanny one fourth grade girl (Sarah) for 4-6 hours. She loves games and movies and lives down the street from the animal shelter, so we go see puppies sometimes. In fact, just yesterday we made the trek from her house to the shelter (it’s about a mile, give or take) to arrive and discover the shelter is closed on Mondays! Incredibly disappointed we sat on the bench to commiserate when I was filled with that foolish kind of boldness that strikes once in a blue moon. On the way around the building to the front entrance, I had noticed a wedged open door that read “EMPLOYEES & VOLUNTEERS ONLY”. Mustering up my 20 seconds of courage, we walked to the side entrance and down an empty hallway. Peaking in an office, I saw two elderly gentlemen. I knocked and was invited in, and after pleading our case they allowed us to visit the kennels and have a private meet and greet with a precious pup aptly called Bashful. Having satisfied our puppy fever, Kelli (Sarah’s mom) had just arrived home and was able to pick us up. On the drive Kelli began discussing her auto-immune deficiencies and I got to share with her about Nutrasine and how much it helps me. We also laughed sardonically about how much work we invest to eat healthy while others can breeze by on pizza and cupcakes, but I figure I’m fortunate in a way. Lots of people spend their lives searching for purpose and work to satisfy that purpose and I’ve basically got a large portion of that work cut out for me just staying alive.  

annie mccready