[day 254]

Thank you everyone who made it out to The Hop last Tuesday to support my art and the MS Society. Click this link >>> PROJECTS <<< to learn more about my work. After fifteen years of doing everything in my power to disassociate myself from MS I’m finally trying to join the autoimmune community. I’ve started following loads of autoimmune bloggers on Instagram; this week I’ll be taking a course on essential oils; and I’ve applied for an art grant in order to produce a collection of songs about my experience with Multiple Sclerosis. Winners will be announced October 13th, so stay tuned. Yesterday, I got to meet with a woman in Boone who has MS. She’s 56 years old and was diagnosed when she was 25 although she says she remembers feeling something was wrong even as child because “I just didn’t have energy like other kids.” She is very limited by her disease, but keeps a joyful spirit and calls herself “a Happian.” In thinking about how I want to share my story and what I want to say, I want to say that MS is the lens of my perspective, but it has not diminished the things I see.

annie mccready