[day 261]

This week is about being faithful to the blog, faithful to my vitamin regimen, and my exercise schedule and my diet and hope (even when I'm stuck going 25 mph, as pictured). I didn't want to write today because because because <insert-self-justifying-excuse-here> but then I remembered all my excuses are because of how well I am and how full my life is now. I remembered how crucial Nutrasine is to my life and how I so want others to grow strong with me. So I'm being faithful to say, I'm here and I'm fine. I went to work at 730 am got off at 2 pm and went to the pool to swim then came home and practiced piano for a night of worship my church is hosting, and now I'm writing this down because good news is worth sharing. I have Multiple Sclerosis and I'm functional. Thank you.

P.S. Special Olympic athletes train at my pool, so....I swim with Olympians :D

annie mccready