[year 1, day 19]

Over the holiday, I passed the miraculous anniversary of Nutrasine officially re-entering my life (Dec. 29th). What a year it’s been. From spending four months in bed to beginning to reengage in leaps and bounds within just eleven days of having Nutrasine in my system...my doctor congratulated me last year for hitting rock bottom because, she said, the only place to go is up.

Over the holiday, I drove from Asheville to Boone (by myself) for McCready Christmas. We then traveled to Wichita, KS (18 hrs) for a family wedding...there’s more to say, but in the whole, I participated in a looong string of comings, goings, late-night, early morning shenanigans. I made it through, but ran out of one of my sleeping supplements on the way. After the holiday I had two weeks of sleepless nights, and last week the exhaustion reared its head and I temporarily lost complete vision in my right eye. Within 30 or so minutes, my vision returned enough for me drive home safely from work (I still nanny and my “boss” was very gracious and understanding). It took about 3-5 days to regain full vision, but good thing you don’t need to see to sing (Stevie Wonder forever in my heart).

That weekend (Jan 12-13th), mom drove me to Nashville, TN so I could audition for America’s Got Talent (AGT) and it was the most magic I’ve experienced in a long time. I’ve been writing songs since I was eight years old, but have never seriously considered songwriting as future path for me (despite my dad telling me a million times that no matter what I do with my life, I have to write). As some of you may remember, last year when I was down and out, I wrote albums of songs. I couldn’t stop. They came faster than I could keep up with them (I’m still finishing songs I started last year). That season spoke to my spirit in a deep way, in that, when I could do nothing, I was enabled to sing. So that’s what I’m gonna do, whether or not AGT is in my future or not, this is me giving it all I’ve got to honor what God has invested in me.

The week of my audition I read Oswald Chambers say, “Worship is giving back to God the best he has given to you.” Initially I thought of my singing ability, but after pondering his statement, I realized that, although I do enjoy it best, song is not the best gift God has given me. The best gift God has given me is my perspective: the one thing I can share from any and every platform I may have in my life. I can share the way I see the world. I can share that I’ve seen God and know in my bones that he is good.

Below is the song I auditioned for AGT with...a video I took for my mom moments after I finished writing it (example A of a song I started last year). A song about my experience with Multiple Sclerosis.....

annie mccready