[year 1, day 26]

I guess it just took more experience for me to get to where I am. I knew even as a child, should I reach adulthood, I'd need the Lord to support me financially in addition to physically, spiritually, and emotionally, and that reality has been difficult for me to face. The direction of my life is so not unlike what I imagined as it is so unlike the path I proposed to getting there. All that mumbo-jumbo to say. I see doors slamming shut on all sides of things I need to leave behind in order to pursue what I feel God intends for me to do. He just had to take away all my other options first so I could see clearly. I hate to be so vague, but I have some real conversations to attend to before I can publicly share what this next chapter is shaping up to be....hopefully next week we can talk about "the real", but for now, please pray God will give me the strength to follow as he leads, the determination and stillness to see and judge rightly, and the peace that passes understanding because I feel as though I'm flying blind (metaphorically, this time ;)

In Nutrasine related news, my Grammie (Doris Howard) had a deep bronchial cough last week. She has a severe bronchial sensitivity and had pneumonia thirteen times between ages 3-14, so we take all lung related issues very seriously. She completed with Nutrasine illness prevention plan (4 Nutrasine every hour for 4 hours, for 4 days). On the second night she coughed less and by the forth night she was restored to "almost normal" (one of Grammie's blood pressure medicines causes a chronic "dry place" as Grammie calls it). Again, not only has Nutrasine given a chance to participate in my life again, but I haven't been sick once this flu season #praisefornutrasine #thankful 

annie mccready