[year 1 day 33]

Now that I have discussed my decisions with the people they effect, I can share publicly what I was obscurely getting at last week. I've retired from babysitting and am apply for disability. This year I took on the challenge of what it would take to live semi-independently and for this season, this is my best option. I will still be teaching drama at Elevate School of  Life and Art, but on the whole, I will be pursuing writing as it something I can do that doesn't involve other people relying on me, something I can do fairly consistently, and something I've been encouraged by many of you (including my doctor) to do. Thank you for your continued support on my road to recovery, and thank you to everyone who has contributed to the Nutrasine project...please know there are on going expenses involved in keeping this product available. Read more about Nutrasine by clicking the button below and please consider making a donation or using the product. Let me say again, I HAVE AN AUTO-IMMUNE DISEASE AND HAVE NOT BEEN SICK ONCE THIS FLU SEASON. Thanks for listening.

annie mccready