[year 1, day 45]


Happy Valentimes Day! I'm in love with love and that's just how it is, and will take any opportunity to exclusively sing love songs all day long...currently writing to "I'd Do Anything" by Simple Plan... as it is, this wonderful day has found me tired and grouchy. I haven't slept well since the new year and today it's catching up to me. I mostly just want to scream, but what quiets my spirit is acknowledging that I'm still standing. Nutrasine acts as a sort of iron rod in my immunity that holds me up, so I'm thankful.

In other news, first day back teaching went alright, but the days that followed were a nightmare and I am not able to continue. When I called in to say I couldn't teach, the team immediately scrambled to find someone to replace me. No push back, no judgement. I am eternally grateful for the people who love me. Love has a wonderful perspective, intentions, and purpose.

Show some love this Valentine's Day for a community in need by investing in Nutrasine...treat 'yo self and the ones you love with the gift of health <3

annie mccready