[year 1, day 38]

Today I officially began the disability application process, step one being: "Retrieve the seventeen year old documentation of my diagnosis from Buffalo General Hospital." Tomorrow, I begin teaching at Elevate School of Life and Art (WOO-HOO) I'm excited and scared and ready to try again. Last Thursday at open mic, I was asked if I was an actor and if I was interested in participating in local theater projects...it's exciting to have opportunities and it's challenging to have so many choices.

As of late, I've been rewatching films I loved growing up and melting on the inside because I see with understanding why I was so attracted to these stories as an adult in ways I couldn't explain as I child, example: in the 1969 film Frosty the Snowman, Frosty is just trying to get someplace he won't melt (me, everyday of the 21st century). Stories inspire me and I'm looking forward to sharing my passion with my students.

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