[year 1, day 67]

In case you were wondering, America didn't want me (America's Got Talent that is), but as I've shared with many of you, AGT auditions are THE MOST FUN and I will definitely be going back next year (hopefully with many of you in tow). I haven't seen a chiropractor for about two weeks and am really feeling it. I'm back to wearing an ear plug nearly all day (tinnitus and other inner ear issues) and my muscles have been extra spasmodic and cramping. I just feel bad today and yesterday and probably since Sunday and I'm sad about it right now and wish the sun would go down already. But some days are like that, even with the miraculous benefits of Nutrasine and essential oils and organic food and daily exercise.,..even in Australia.

Regardless, life as I know it (in the highs and lows) is made possible by the miraculous supplement Nutrasine. Learn more about Nutrasine and how to support a community in need (YOU & ME) at:

annie mccready